What is Venom AC?

Venom Anti-Cheat aka VAC or VenomAC is a FiveM Anti-Cheat that was first created in late November of 2020 and is written in Lua 5.3. This is a premium anticheat with highly optimized server & client-sided code with the goal of providing little to no impact on server and client performance. FiveM cheats update and improve every single day, but with constant updates, active development, and 24/7 uptime & reliable authentication servers, the anticheat stays up to date with zero downtime, keeping your server protected no matter what. An active & responsive support team also allows any issues that customers may experience to be answered and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Currently one of the strongest FiveM anticheats and the absolute best option for protection for your server, Venom Anti-Cheat is now available to be purchased today.
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Why would you choose Venom?

There are plenty of other options FiveM anticheat options avalible nowadays, but why choose VenomAC over the rest? Venom Anti-Cheat is created on the basis of having an extensive knowledge of how FiveM cheats work and function and how to combat them, all while providing the most safe and trustworthy product and experience for its customers. Traits like being well-rounded, highly optimized, efficient, strong, up-to-date, customizable, compatible, and more are all things that a server owner should be looking for when in the market for an anticheat for their server, and thats exactly what Venom Anti-Cheat offers.

✔️24/7 Active Support Team
✔️Little to no impact on server & client performance
✔️Automatic Updates
✔️Easy & Simple Installation with full documentation provided
✔️Compatibility for all types of servers
✔️Developed on feedback
✔️Wide Range of Customization
✔️Discord Logs
✔️No Dependencies
✔️Secure & Trustworthy

For a full, detailed list of features, join the official Vyast.Dev Discord